About museum

The National Museum

in Povazska Bystrica is a regional homeland-study museum under the authority of the Self-governing District of Trencin. It was founded in the year 1984.

Collections of the museum comprise objects from the field of geology, botany and zoology reflecting the character of nature, while human society is represented in the collections of archeology, history, and ethnology. Attention has recently been paid to documents of the 20th century.

Special attention is devoted to the history of the engineering in Povazska Bystrica, where they established Zbrojovka works in the year 1928. It was put under state control in the year 1946, and the national enterprise Povazske Engineering Plant of Klement Gottwald was established. In the year 1947, besides other things, they started to produce single-track vehicles. This production was moved to the plant in Kolarovo in the year 1974, part of the concern of Povazske Engineering Plant. The produc¬tion of single-track vehicles terminated in the year 1999.

Currently our Museum presents 32 historical single-track vehicles collection which is in fact complete production assortment. Unique prototypes made special in development and testing department are presented too.